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HIHAUS in BEX ASIA Singapore

HIHAUS in BEX ASIA Singapore

Sep 19, 2023

 During 6th-10th , we went to Singapore to join BEX ASIA and visit our customer and Potential partner.




 Some tips we got after visiting Singapore customers:



1. The Singapore government requires houses with a certain age (10-20 years) to be renovated externally or internally.

2. Sliding windows are relatively rare in Singapore, while double glazed windows with Low-E glass are more common.

3. Fixed glass below 1 meter must be laminated in accordance with local requirements.

4. Grids mostly are external, with no internal frames seen.

5. Local workers are mostly foreign workers, and townhouses cannot be installed with a crane, so products need to be divided as much as possible.

6. Large projects have proposed the same credit requirements as in the Philippines.

7. Due to environmental protection and energy conservation, some customers have proposed solar panels. Smart home is a relatively new concept in Singapore, which can be explored. 



Overall, the visit to Singapore customers provided valuable insights into the local market. By taking advantage of the opportunities and addressing the challenges, businesses can position themselves for success in this growing market.

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