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How to Find NFRC-Certified Window Companies: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Find NFRC-Certified Window Companies: A Step-by-Step Guide

Feb 04, 2024

What is NFRC?

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is a non-profit organization that develops and maintains energy performance ratings for windows, doors, and skylights. NFRC certification ensures that products meet certain energy efficiency standards, helping consumers make informed choices about their home's fenestration.


Why Choose NFRC-Certified Windows?

NFRC-certified windows offer a number of benefits, including:

1 Increased energy efficiency: NFRC-certified windows can help you save money on your energy bills by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

2 Improved comfort: NFRC-certified windows can help to make your home more comfortable by reducing drafts and providing better insulation.

3 Increased durability: NFRC-certified windows are built to last, withstanding harsh weather conditions and providing years of trouble-free performance.

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How to Find NFRC-Certified Window Companies

There are a few things you can do to find NFRC-certified window companies:


1 Search the NFRC website: The NFRC website has a searchable database of certified companies. You can search by location, product type, and other criteria.

2 Ask your local contractor: Many local contractors are familiar with NFRC certification and can recommend companies that are certified.

3 Look for the NFRC label: When you're shopping for windows, look for the NFRC label on the product. This label indicates that the product has been certified by NFRC and meets its energy efficiency standards.



Our Journey to NFRC Certification


We recently went through the process of obtaining NFRC certification for our aluminum casement windows. The process took about a year from start to finish, and involved the following steps:


1.Selecting a product system: We selected our aluminum casement windows for certification because they are one of our most popular products and we were confident that they would meet NFRC's energy efficiency standards.

2.Submitting a product application: We submitted a product application to NFRC, which included detailed information about our windows, such as their size, materials, and energy performance ratings.

3.Testing: NFRC required us to send our windows to an independent testing laboratory for testing. The testing process involved measuring the windows' energy efficiency, air leakage, and other performance characteristics.

4.Review: Once the testing was complete, NFRC reviewed the results to determine if our windows met their certification standards.

5.Certification: After a successful review, NFRC issued us a certificate of compliance.


Our NFRC-Certified Windows

Our aluminum casement windows are now NFRC-certified. They have a U-factor of 0.29 Btu/hr.ft².F and an air leakage rate of 0.5 L/s.m² at 75 Pa. These windows are made with 6mm double low-E glass, 6mm double low-E glass, and 6mm clear tempered glass with argon gas filling.


Hihaus NFRC Certification


NFRC certification is a valuable way to ensure that your windows meet high standards of energy efficiency and performance. If you're looking for new windows, be sure to choose NFRC-certified products.

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