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  • Choose the aluminum casement door, and it is easy to make the house more beautiful and practical. Choose the aluminum casement door, and it is easy to make the house more beautiful and practical.
    Nov 10, 2023
    The aluminum casement door, as one of the common household doors in life, has always been favored by market consumers due to its simple, easy-to-maintain structure, waterproof and easy-care characteristics, and durability, and have become a practical choice for many families. However, do you know what you should pay attention to when purchasing the aluminum casement door? Living in a fast-paced era, people are more inclined to pursue a better life. Their vision for home should not only be "good to live in", but also "make them happy"! As a connection between spaces and a component of the home elevation, the aluminum casement door not only carries the functions of protection and partition, but also play an important role in decoration and beautification. Firstly, minimalist aesthetics and fashion With the fast pace, heavy burden of modern life and the influx of massive fragmented information, the feeling of anxiety is increasing day by day. Therefore, the birth of minimalism caters to people's spiritual needs, which becomes a contemporary popular lifestyle. Nowadays, minimalist style is more than popular. It is loved by many people because of the streamlined and clean visual experience as well as the sense of high-end. The transparent visual experience of glass casement door provides an unobstructed space. Although it cuts off the space, the glass casement door provides the possibility of open space. Morever, the design of narrow frame which breaks the limits takes simplicity to the extreme and restores the truest and simple essential beauty of life. Sencondly, reduce noise and make the environment quite In the technology, the aluminum casement door adopts 45° angle code splicing process, which makes the splicing position fit smoothly and makes the door frame and door leaf fit more tightly. Combined with the outer frame sealing silicone strip and double-layer insulating glass, it further enhances the airtightness of the casement door and effectively blocks the transmission of noise so that it can create a quieter study and office atmosphere. Aluminum casement door adopts magnetic automatic lock which relies on the principle of magnetic attraction to close and open. While using, it does not produce any noise. When in use, it can be perfectly stuck through magnetic suction, and there will be no loud noise when closing the door, which effectively reduces outdoor noise. Thirdly, protect against moisture and be convenient to clean The kitchen and bathroom are areas that are subject to moisture all year, and daily cooking and bathing will add moisture to the environment. If drying is not done properly and the ventilation conditions in the space are limited, it will be easy to accumulate water and dirt and give off a damp and musty smell. Therefore, it must be sure to make preparations for sealing, moisture-proofing, and mildew-proofing when decorating. HIHAUS aluminum casement door adopts EPDM automotive-grade foam between the frame fans to increase the airtightness of the casement doors and effectively blocks water vapor. It plays an important role of moisture-proof. At the same time, it also uses a variety of glass materials + complex texture technology to perfectly present an excellent fusion of visual beauty, glass's unique light transmittance and privacy, bringing users thoughtful living needs. HIHAUS luxurious simple casement door product system balances visual and tactile feelings, and uses exquisite texture to create artistic products with great aesthetics. We delicately expresse rich visual layers, and narrate the magnanimity of achieving quality.
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