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Exquisite Villa Windows and Doors in Washington, USA

Exquisite Villa Windows and Doors in Washington, USA

Mar 13, 2024

Washington, USA

Date: 2024

Product Supplied: 
Pivot door, Casement window, Sliding window, Garage door, Aluminum fixed window


Project Story:

The customer's new house is located in Washington, a place with pleasant scenery. Last year, he was pleased to inform us that the new project was about to be completed and that he was considering the choice of doors and windows.


Hihaus windows and doors in Washington


As our regular customer, we have been cooperating for nearly two years, and he has always trusted our products. Because compared to other suppliers, our products have both high quality and cost-effectiveness advantages. He briefly explained to us the design concept of this project, hoping that the house can ultimately present a simple and atmospheric style. Therefore, we recommended our latest aluminum doors and windows to him. It is believed that this style is very suitable for the new house and can greatly enhance its aesthetics.


Hihaus project in Washington


In February of this year, our customer received the products and installed them with our help. These pictures are the final presentation of the products after installation, and the quality of aluminum doors and windows received high praise from customer.


This year, our product has obtained NFRC certificate. Our technicians will continue to develop higher quality products in the future, and we will provide better services.

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